Benefit of Using Text to Handwriting Tools

Benefit of Using Text to Handwriting Tools – Nowadays, a lot of things and tasks have become possible and easier thanks to the availability of online tools. One of the tasks that you can now do using an online tool is converting digitally written text into handwriting.

Obviously, the people that stand to benefit the most from these tools are students. In this post, let’s delve into what these tools are, how they work, and how they can be beneficial for students in assignment writing.

What is text-to-handwriting tools, and how do they work?

Let’s start off with the basics and look at what these tools actually are. As the name indicates, these tools are made for converting the text you give them in standard digital form into handwriting. There is not a lot of complex working involved on the backend. The text is just given a different font and put on a realistic-looking paper background.

That is the core working of these tools. However, there are some finer details which make them very useful and impressive. For example, some tools give you the option of choosing from multiple handwriting so that you can pick the one that resembles yours in real life. In the same way, some of these tools also let you choose the background of the text.

What is the benefit of using text-to-handwriting tools for assignment writing?

The real and actual benefit of using these tools for assignment writing is that they let you simulate your handwriting even if you don’t write the thing yourself. In other words, you can write the content for your assignment on your computer, where it is easier to do so. Then, you can put it through one of these tools and get the handwritten output.

Once that happens, you can print the image out and hand its in. That way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time writing all the stuff out using a pen, but you will be able to make it look like that. Of course, there is something to keep in mind about this. Using these tools is only fine and helpful if it is allowed.

For instance, you can use them if there are no strict instructions from your institute or teacher on not using them. If you have been told to write the thing out manually, then using the tool would be unethical, and it would amount to cheating. Think of a scenario where you have been told to submit an assignment that can either be handwritten or typed.

You can take the extra step to convert your typed content and make it look handwritten. That way, you could make your work stand out and not do anything unethical.

Which online tool can you use to convert text to handwriting?

We’ve talked about these tools and everything, but we don’t think we should end this post without pointing you in a specific direction in terms of which one you should use in particular. One tool that you can use and enjoy a whole lot of different features is the Text to Handwriting Converter by

There are quite a few reasons that we’re mentioning this tool in specific. For one, as you can see in the image above, there are many different features available on the side. You can choose the color of the ink as well as the writing size/style.

Another feature that makes this tool a good one to use is the real-time working. This is not exactly a “rare” feature in tools of this kind but it is still very helpful. You can just enter the content into the given field and the handwritten text will be shown on the paper below it without you having to start the process using a button or anything.


Text-to-handwriting converters are dedicated online tools that can help you make your standard typed text look like it has been written by hand. As can be obviously deduced by the function they serve, these tools can be beneficial for students. How exactly…that is what we’ve discussed in the post above.

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