How to Convert PNG to Excel Spreadsheet

How to Convert PNG to Excel Spreadsheet – Converting a PNG image to an editable MS Excel spreadsheet is a challenging task, especially when you need to extract data from images, tables, or charts precisely. This is where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology has made the PNG to Excel conversion process remarkably efficient and easier.

In this context, we are going to outline top-notch converters that show how to convert PNG to Excel step-by-step without any huge human intervention.

Convert PNG to Excel Spreadsheet: Top 13 Image to Excel OCR Converters


OnlineOCR is a free online tool that dedicatedly helps you to turn PNG images into editable MS Excel spreadsheets:


  • Visit >
  • Upload PNG image file
  • Choose output format > PNG
  • Click Convert

2. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is one of the powerful OCR-based programs that quickly convert PNG to Excel accurately.


  • Install and open ABBYY FineReader > add your png file into the designated box
  • Choose > Excel (output format)
  • Click Convert

3. Cardscanner:

Cardscanner is an OCR-based online solution that lets you convert PNG to Excel precisely while maintaining the quality:


  • Open your browser and head to > > Tools > PNG to Excel
  • Add PNG images from which you want to extract data using this OCR tool
  • After adding PNG files > Click COnvert
  • Download the transformed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet files with a single go

4. Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF is another online user-friendly online source that is taken into account for converting PNG images into Excel files. 


  • Access Soda PDF online site and upload your PNG
  • Choose > Excel from the list as the converted format
  • Click Convert

5. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is referred to as the widely used file type that lets you change your existing PNG files to editable Microsoft Excel sheets. 


  • Launch Adobe Acrobat DC and choose > File > Create PDF
  • Choose and add your PNG image 
  • Navigate to > Recognize Text > In This File
  • Choose > Excel (converted) file type
  • Click Export

6. Theonlineconverter

The online converter is the most appealing source for extracting text from PNG and storing it into MS Excel spreadsheet. 


  • Access > > Type “PNG to Excel” into the designated search bar
  • Drop PNGs into the toolbox and click COnvert
  • Download and save your Excel files in a single click

7. Docparser

It is depicted as the document parsing program that lets you quickly extract information from PNG images and convert it into searchable Excel format.


  • To start, you need to sign in to your Docparser account
  • Then, simply create a new parser
  • Add your PNG file and then just set up data extraction rules as your preference
  • Choose > Excel as converted format
  • Commence with the parsing process

8. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is another full-fledged online file converter that supports conversion of PNG images to Microsoft Excel files. 


  • Simple visit > Online2PDF > Add PNG
  • Choose “Convert to Excel” 
  • Click “Convert” button in order to convert PNG image to Excel format

9. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is one of the best online platforms around the internet that quickly convert PNG to Excel spreadsheet without impacting over the formatting. 


  • Head to the official source “PDF2Go” and start uploading your PNG file
  • Right after uploading your PNG, its time to choose “Excel” as the converted format
  • Click on the given “Save Changes” option

10. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is the comprehensive PDF toolkit online that comes with OCR capabilities for converting existing PNG files to Excel.


  • Open browser > iLovePDF official website
  • Add your PNG image file into the given field and click > Convert > choose “To Excel”
  • Make a click on the given “Convert Now” button

11. SmallPDF

Smallpdf is the online conversion source for dealing with PDF files, also helps you to turn PNG images into Excel spreadsheets. 


  • Navigate to this website “smallpdf”
  • Mover further by uploading your PNG file
  • Make a selection for the option “To Excel”
  • Click “Convert”

12. Online OCR Converter

Online OCR Converter works straight-forwardly for transforming your different file formats, including PNG to Excel.


  • Head to the official website “Online OCR Converter”
  • Add PNG file and make a selection for the output format “Excel”
  • Hit “Start OCR”

13. EasyPDF

EasyPDF is the most recommended online converter that requires minimal effort to convert PNG to Excel format.


  • Move to EasyPDF official web service
  • Add PNG > choose “To Excel”
  • Click “Convert”

Final Thoughts:

Transforming PNG images into editable MS Excel files has never been easier, thanks to the availability of OCR converters. The PNG to Excel converters outlined in this article allow you to extract and manage data efficiently by swiftly exporting PNG as an Excel spreadsheet.

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